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Opening doors to new opportunities


We are a specialist dental broker with an expansive national network of contacts and a team whose pedigree encompasses some of the UK’s most important, prestigious, and noteworthy dental business transactions.

Whilst being superb at what we do, our edge is the value you derive from the process of working with us. Buying or selling a dental practice can be a stressful and drawn-out process but doing it with people you like, value and trust, makes all the difference.

Our aim is to win your trust and earn your gratitude

We have the expertise and reach of a corporate but we retain an intimate and tailored service that makes us responsive and flexible to your needs. Our sole motivation is to win your trust and then we earn your gratitude as the exit you’ve worked hard to realise becomes a reality.

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An intimate and expert service

Combining our knowledge with that of leading industry strategists to advance your exit opportunity

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Registered Buyer

Be alert to the latest opportunities and take advantage of a buoyant dental market

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VIP Buyers' Club

Fingers poised: get speedy access to key strategic opportunities with

VIP Membership

Why Us

Why Choose Us?

Collectively we have decades of experience in valuing, buying and selling dental practices.

We are a boutique broker whose success relies on building and maintaining strong relationships. We prioritise teamwork and communication and remain unwavering in our passion to secure and maximise your practice sale.

Our extensive knowledge of the dental market and access to some of the cleverest thinkers in the industry means we can share exclusive expertise for maximising your exit value. 


We match your desired exit strategy with buyers who will best relate to your objectives, and we work with you both collaboratively to achieve the best deal structure and ensure the correct buyer.

Get in touch for a completely confidential and complimentary appraisal of your dental business. 


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Register as a buyer

The dental market is buoyant and you want to take full advantage by being alert to the latest opportunities.

Registering as a buyer with Dental Practice Sale means we can keep you instantly appraised of the dental practices you’re keen to buy.

Remain attentive with alerts from us in whatever form keeps your ear close to the ground: text messages, WhatsApp, email, phone …

  • Get instant alerts as soon as a promising new opportunity is launched

  • Our registered buyers receive instant advice on dental practices that are financially viable for them

  • If you need capital to purchase a practice, our partners have access to the best rates on the market and will be at your side as they take you through the process

If you want access to the larger associate led practices why not join the ”VIP buyers’ Club

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