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The DPS Team

Who We Are


Dean Barker

Managing Director

Having successfully grown and sold his own dental practice brokers, Dean is uniquely and ideally positioned to partner clients through the multifaceted and often emotional sales process.


Dean has been at the forefront of dental business sales since 2005, his pedigree heralding as the former owner of the MediEstates, MediCruit and Mediholdings Groups, which he sold to Henry Schein in 2017. Whilst at Medi, he established himself as a key player in the industry having worked on deals ranging from £5 million to £33 million. His determination to attain the best deal structure, (which he sees as the most important aspect), the right buyer for you and the best price will ensure your dental practice sale is in trusted, safe, reliable hands.


His unquenched passion for the dental industry and the transacting of practice sales led him to assume the position of managing director for Dental Practice Sale in May 2023.


Dean’s affable, approachable demeanour makes him a firm favourite with clients. Whether you own a multi-site corporate or individual dental practice, Dean will provide the same determined focus and attention to detail that engenders confidence and facilitates a successful transaction.


He has overseen millions of pounds worth of dental practice sales over almost 20 years and is a hands-on member of the team, determined to provide the best service for sole dentists, larger practices, multi-site groups and private equity acquisitions. He will personally see through your sale from start to finish to ensure continuity and the building and maintenance of strong relationships.


Dean’s experience extends from formulating exit strategies for dental practice owners and group sales to the facilitation of corporate, group and private equity acquisitions, providing up-to-the-minute intelligence on current market trends and multiples paid.

07967 817128

Scott Gidman

Scott Gidman


Scott has accumulated almost a decade of dental brokering expertise having worked in a both a family and corporate environment as a practice valuation manager.


 He established himself as one of the leading figures within mergers and acquisitions and was a key player in some 200 practice acquisitions including some of the UK’s most important, prestigious, and noteworthy transactions in modern times.

Scott has valued more than 1,000 UK dental businesses and has access to a vast network of friends, colleagues, and experts within dentistry. His passion and drive are infectious and underpin the key ingredients of his successful track record.

07385 264759

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Louise Matkin

Director M&A

Louise is an experienced Mergers & Acquisitions director with over 18 years of experience in the dental market sector. She is a dedicated team player who always maintains the highest standards of professionalism. 


Louise is skilled in managing complex deals and building strong relationships with other professionals in the dental industry. She is also highly attuned to market trends and changes, which enables her to provide her clients with the most up-to-date guidance and support. 


Louise has expertise working with all types of buyers from first-time, to dental corporates, guiding them on what is required to acquire a practice and putting them into contact with like-minded professionals within the field. 


She is also experienced in working with clients from initial conversations through to completion of transactions and understands the importance of understanding her clients' feelings and what is right for them. She takes pride in mentoring dental professionals and helping them achieve their business goals. Her top priority is ensuring that her clients' exacting needs are surpassed. Whether negotiating complex deals or providing guidance and support, Louise is loyal and dedicated to helping her clients succeed.


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Lorraine Hunt

Director of M&A

Lorraine is an accomplished professional with over two decades of experience in dental practice sales. Throughout her career, she has acquired a wealth of expertise in all aspects of the sector, from marketing and negotiation to financing and business development. 


Her extensive knowledge and practical insights into the dental practice sales industry have set her apart as a leader and mentor in the field. Whether working with new buyers or seasoned sellers, Lorraine has the ability to provide guidance and creative solutions to achieve optimal outcomes for her clients.


Over the years, Lorraine has been a key player in over 1,000 successful practice completions, cementing her reputation as a go-to resource for selling and buying dental practices. Her personalised approach, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence have earned her a loyal following of clients and colleagues alike.


Lorraine continues to be an influential force in the dental practice sales industry, bringing her expertise and passion to every project she takes on. Her commitment to success, coupled with her deep industry knowledge and unwavering professionalism, make her a trusted advisor and an asset to any dental practice owner looking to sell or buy.

07554 931 933


Kirsty Forbes

Practice Sales Executive

Kirsty joined the team in February 2022 in the role of Practice Sales Executive to ensure our vendors and buyers experience a smooth transaction journey. 


Her previous experience saw her work for one of the largest brokers in the UK, with her being responsible for assisting in the marketing, promotion and sale of 600+ dental practices.


She brings a high level of experience in liaising with buyers, sellers and solicitors to ensure successful transactions.

07502 463900

KIrsty Forbes

Donald MacAngus

Operations Manager

Donald has over 20 years’ experience in the corporate IT world with expertise in enterprise CRM systems. His breadth of skill, knowledge and experience have been amassed over a career spanning international IT training and management.


As a former Microsoft Engineer and trainer, he was responsible for training engineers on Microsoft servers and systems.  As Principal of Education at Avolin he was responsible for the creation of training and marketing video libraries for 16 product lines.

He always strives to make a difference and provide value to each and every client.


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