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Introducing the market leaders in profit growth

Improving your bottom-line profitability is what Spot On Business Planning does best – their goal is to double net profit within three years and get your practice sale-ready to the highest bidder.


Remember, profit drives the value of your business, so your exit strategy should begin well in advance of your retirement. Those of you who have only just purchased a dental practice should be considering when you want to sell to ensure there is plenty of time – it’s never too early!


We advise you to contact Spot On Business Planning today – don’t be one of the many practice owners who wished they’d done so years ago.


With Spot On Business Planning you will enjoy profit growth and maximise your exit value – their clients benefit twice - whilst they are working with SOBP AND when they sell.


Spot On Business Planning in a nutshell…

Having interpreted and used numbers to radically boost business performance for more than 40 years, Andy McDougall formed Spot On Business Planning in 2009 with a mission to transform underperforming practices and to help those looking to maximise their exit value. Using tailored financial models, Andy assists dental practice owners to make the right strategic decisions, and the talented Spot On team then works alongside practice teams to implement the changes that drive profits.

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Planning and profitability are what Spot On Business Planning is known for so if your plan is to become more profitable so that you can hang up your loupes, join Andy for a free analysis of your business by emailing us:

SOBP’s knowledge and experience of what makes a dental business tick is vast and they’d be delighted to reveal the secrets hidden in your numbers. Learn more about your dental business during a free Zoom consultation.


Don’t just take our word for it…


These dental practice owners maximised their profit and subsequent sale price by working with Spot On Business Planning.

“I can 100% recommend Spot On, they are a great team to work with. Don’t even think about it, sign up now,” James Goolnik, author and founder of the Bow Lane Dental Group, London

“What a change Spot On has made to us. My only regret is that we didn’t come across you so many years ago,” Owen Crotty, founder of Crotty Orthodontics in Cork

“We’ve made some really big changes and I can’t see how could have done that without Spot On without it being a complete guess. We’ve been in practice for 14 years and using Spot on has been one of the biggest positives in our journey,” Andy Stafford, co-founder of The Cosmetic Dental Clinics in Newcastle and Durham

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